What follows is a contemplation of the evidence of the true story of the great flood, described in the bible in it’s unedited and non-contradictory state.


And so he (Enlil)

made the other leaders swear that what is about to happen—

the avalanche of water—would be kept a secret from the

Earthlings, so that they would perish:

Enlil opened his mouth to speak

and addressed the assembly of all the gods:

"Come, all of us, and take an oath

regarding the killing Flood!"

That the Anunnaki themselves were preparing to abandon

Earth in their shuttlecraft was another part of the secret that

the gods swore to keep from Mankind. But as all the others

took the oath, Enki resisted. "Why will you bind me with

an oath?" he asked, "Am I to raise my hand against my

own humans?" A bitter argument ensued, but in the end Enki

too was made to swear not to reveal "the secret." (Divine Encounters, Sitchen)


The assigning by the Sumerian/Mesopotamian texts of the

role of Mankind's Savior to Enki makes much sense. He was

the creator of The Adam and of Homo sapiens, and thus he

understandably called the doomed Earthlings "my humans."

As chief scientist of the Anunnaki he could select, obtain,

and provide "the seed of all living things" for preservation,

and possessed the knowledge of resurrecting those animals

from their "seed" DNA. He was also best suited for the role

of the designer of Noah's ark—a vessel of a special design

that could survive the avalanche of water. All the versions

agree that it was built according to exact specifications provided

by the deity (Ea). (Divine Encounters, Sitchen)


The tablets make it very clear what Enlil felt upon seeing Utnapishtim and his family, having survived the flood and landed on Mount Ararat along with himself and Ea…


When at length Enlil arrived and saw the ship, Enlil was wroth.

He was filled with wrath against the Igigi gods. "Has some living soul escaped? No man was to survive the destruction!”


    What is important to see here is that even with Enlil’s anger, he did have a change of heart as the tablets further tell through the words of Utnapishtim…


Thereupon Enlil went aboard the ship.

Holding me by the hand, he took me aboard.

He took my wife aboard and made her kneel by my side. Standing between us, he touched our foreheads to bless us.



    What is important here is that in the Sumerian, the name of the chosen one to build the ark was the son of Ea by a human mother. The Sumerians called him Ziusudra; in the Epic of Gilgamesh he was called Utnapishtim; in Old Babylonian his epithet-name was Atra-hasis

Here, not only do we see that Ea was and IS the True Savior of Humanity, but what he did after the flood to raise Humanity from the devastation of the aftermath of the flood…


According to the Egyptian priest Manetho, who had written

down the history of Egypt when Alexander's Greeks arrived,

in times immemorial "Gods of Heaven" came to Earth from

the Celestial Disc. After a great flood had inundated

Egypt, "a very great god who had come to Earth in the

earliest times" raised the land from under the waters by ingenious damming, dyking, and land reclamation works. His

name was Ptah, "The Developer," and he was a great scientist

who had earlier had a hand in the creation of Man. He

was often depicted with a staff that was graduated, very much

like surveyors' rods nowadays. In time Ptah handed

the rule over Egypt to his Firstborn son Ra ("The Bright

One"), who for all time remained head of the

pantheon of Egyptian gods.


Egypt's gods as the Anunnaki, Ptah as Ea/Enki (whose Sumerian nickname, NUDIMMUD, meant "The Artful Creator") and Ra as his Firstborn son: Marduk. (Divine Encounters, Sitchen)


What needs to be understood above all is that the big mistake, which also leads to the incredible amount of seeming contradictions by Yahweh, is the attempt to take the two god’s Ea and Enlil, and trying to consolidate them into one. Although the attempt was also coupled with a vast amount of editing by the biblical writers, of the far more detailed Sumerian and Babylonian texts, it simply does not work. Another huge mistake is that the writers took the story of Horus and changed the name to Jesus and his mothers name from Isis to Mary. It is amazing that the indoctrination of vast amounts of people (billions over time), has worked so well in creating fear of anything outside of it, that this glaring fact has remained out of the minds of the followers.

Yahweh has adopted all the strictness of Enlil and all the love and forgiveness of Ea, through a false messiah, who is the plagiarized Abrahamic version of Horus.


What also needs to be realized, in order to really appreciate the blasphemy the writers have created, is that Enlil and Ea have both been denied their rightful place in the scheme of things. Yes, Enlil may be short tempered and easily annoyed, but after he realized that mankind was destined to flourish, he took Utnapishtim and his wife and blessed them and made them unique among all of humanity to come. This can only make sense if there are two separate deities and not one. What was the reason for trying to combine the two? It is my opinion that it was done in order to keep man both confused and in awe of this one creator of all that is, even though it is insane to think that the Creator of billions of galaxies has all focus on the likes of man, and even more so, the Israelites as the “chosen people”. It is in fact, a mad attempt to claim the world as their right above all others, even though they profess that their god loves all and “shows no favor”.  


     It is also very important to take into account that the age of Aquarius is now in it’s initial beginning. We ill be into it fully at the time of 2012. What is most important about this is that Ea is given rule in this time, as it is the water constellation. It is the constellation that is recognized by all the god’s as his sign, as he is the one who knows the secret mysteries of water and loves to be surrounded by it. Is this why the Truth is now being revealed? It is time for the arguments and assumptions to end. How many have died, how many have been convinced that there very existence is an insult to the creator, born into the chains of “original sin” that have been shown to be the ability of the human spirit to unite as one with creation and the All Mighty Force that is the TRUE bearer of light? The agenda has been shown as the lie behind the curtain and its power…only an illusion whose power relies completely on the belief in it. This is not a matter of faith; it is a matter of fact.    

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