What is above the water is what is known by humanity, what is below is what has been hidden. Soon everything below will rise and be seen.

He is on his way with the rest of the Gardians to wipe out the Reptilians and lead this solar system into an eternal adoption into the galactic truths.

This is a 3-D simulation of DNA 

This is Sumerian. There can be no doubt: The Sumerians and those of that time in other locations, were taught these secrets.

This is the perfect structure of a water molecule after creative intention was put into it. Before that, the structure had no structure. It was in chaos. This is the secret of the Water of Life.

As above, So below


Baptism: The TRUE Origin and Meaning


     One of the greatest deceptions created by the Abrahamic agenda is the hiding of the real truth of baptism, its origins of and its meaning. This takes us to the same place everything else does: the stone tablets of Sumer and even older.

     The origins of baptism and what it represents lie in the very meaning of the name Ea. He is not only attributed with the creation of humanity and saving them several times from the intent of Enlil to destroy them, including the flood. (see my new page  http://templeofenki.bravehost.com/savior.html ) but is also the reason behind baptism! The secret lies in the very meaning of the word: whose home is water! Baptism is the ritual of water being the symbol which represents the unity of creator and created. It is water because by giving of his genetics, he became man’s creator, with his wife being the mother of the Ad. Dam, or (The first), not the male child of the bible. The word is a title, NOT a name! This is also manipulation by the Abrahamic agenda. But by giving of himself, what better way to show the bonding between himself and man, than by WATER: Ea’s greatest love!?

     In the Bible, water is the symbol of purity as well as representing the spiritual bond between Ea and humanity. On my page about “Proof of Savior Written in Stone”, I show the translation of the tablets and we see who was REALLY looking out for the human race: (EA/ Enki)! The secret to baptism to me is simple: it is what is now being called “the power of intention, where the molecular level of water is put to perfect order and fills it with energy. This is the “living water” and its source is Ea. He loved the water because he knew of it’s secret power and hidden energy! As for being seen as a rebellious god, if he was not rebellious against the counsel, man would never have had a chance. He saved humanity so many times that Enlil finally gave up. I think that is paramount to express the importance of how the gods and goddesses reacted when they thought that man was doomed as they watched from orbit. They had a great outpouring of love and compassion for humanity. In the tablet above, we see Ea walking down a staircase with water flowing from both sides! What better evidence can one need to accept at least the possibility, that along with everything else propagated by the Reptilian masters who created the deception in the first place after the gods and goddesses left man to build on his own using  the teachings given them. The ability of the Reptilians (and not all reptilian races are this way, some are actually enlightened and are of a different vibration) is waning as the time for their agenda is coming to a great halt.

     Baptism is the representation of Ea’s union with mankind, and is one of the most blasphemous of all acts to hide the truth and replace it with a monster god’s replacement for what is written in stone. The key to seeing that the tablet inscriptions in various pictorials in the tablets to know that it is Ea/Enki, is seeing the flowing water around him. Having said that, is there any wonder why they took the true creator and protector of the human race and created a deception that would create one of the greatest crimes against an intelligent and spiritual race ever created: teaching that the creator and true protector and defender of man is a monster bent on the destruction of humanity, with a so-called “god” as the replacement as this “god” continually demands blood sacrifice with the forever looming threat of eternal fire as the punishment for not being loyal and that man is “fallen by nature” as the excuse for harsh treatment, as well as commands “the chosen” to stab the enemy’s wives in the stomach if they are pregnant, and take the young virgin girls for slaves of sex. All the time, they call Ea/Satan, the one with the issues, when in fact the tablets in stone, tell the original story.

     It has been said that greed was the first sin. I agree. The argument for the Abrahamic Agenda is that Satan demanded his own kingdom (Genesis). In fact, the first sin was when Abraham, a Sumerian himself, took the offer of the Reptilians to deceive the world and create a Reptilian hybrid race to take control of all political and military, as well as religious institutions around the world, including the monetary system, not to mention the media and industry, for the promise of being the “father” of the “Promised Land”. Fore this, he had to be willing to kill his only son to prove loyalty. This and Job are 2 examples of this “God of Abraham’s” willingness to torment his own.

     Baptism is one of the most lied about ceremonies that live today. We hear about the “water of everlasting life” in the Bible as being the spirit of the Abrahamic “faiths” god, however, the fact that has been hidden is that Ea/Enki was the one who united himself as the creator, and his wife of the berthed being the MOTHER of the first human, leaves the only thing remaining as the “clay”, the species that was used as the link between the genetic codes. This makes man (Ea’s DNA and birth by his Goddess wife) 66.6% alien! I do not think there is any connection between 666 and the 66.6%, however, being that I just realized this percentage, I do not know. Seems strange though now that I look at it on the screen. Anyway, this is the TRUE Communion between creator (Ea) and created (Humanity), on the most genetic level. As for Baptism, the water is the representation of Ea (whose home is water), and what he created, with the love and dedication of his wife, and humanity in an everlasting bond. Having realized that he also gave man a spirit, he taught them the secrets of creation and life. The water itself is also a secret as we have seen in the intention experiments where water reacts in a conscience way, to the intention and emotions of intelligent life on a molecular level! This is the mystery of water, and I also believe that it is the water itself that is the “Fountain of Youth” so sought after. It is right there in front of man, yet it is the last thing that will be looked for because it is taught as something rare and hidden, yet craved after by great humans in so many stories. Water itself, with the implementation of high energy thoughts and feelings, can be taken in by the body and change things, heal things, cleanse the blood and entire body on a molecular level. It has been done with whole lakes that have been less than clean and productive where a gallon of water with intention and high energy, has been poured into the lake and the lake begins to transform into perfectly clean and “living water”. That is why water is considered to be alive. It is not something far away and hidden. Only the meaning and true HISTORY of water, baptism and the story of Communion have been changed. Now we can see with clear eyes, the real meaning. It’s not hidden, its right there, written in stone.

This is Ea (far away from the doorway) with the doorway being covered by flowing water. This is why Baptism can only be done in his name and for the purposes mentioned above.

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