Make no mistake that the Grey's are the one's in control of the Elite and their agenda. There are also many forms of the Reptilians. Those who command the Grey's are lost in the lust for control that is slipping through their hands as 2012 gets closer.

Fear not though, for those who wish to enslave will themselves be the victims of their own desire.

High Priestess Pandora… (see JOS Link) responded to a member saying that they were being attacked by entities when meditating. Her response was the “angles” are real in the fact that they are the Grey’s that have been abducting people. For the next hour or so, the words angel and Grey’s kept entering my thoughts. I have done massive research in the past 15 years about the Grey’s and other life in the Universe; however, two questions have never been answered: Why do the Grey’s tell governments and abductees that they are responsible for the creation of the Jesus figure and what do they mean when they say that humans are vessels. With these two words mentioned by Maxine being repeated over and over in my mind, something hit me really hard. If the Grey’s are our enemy, and they say that they are responsible for the Jesus character, then it makes sense that they are the ones who perpetrated the Great Lie along with the Xionists, and together they re-wrote and corrupted the original Sumerian Text seen now in the Old and New Testament and the enslaving Koran of the Muslim. This would also mean that the Grey’s wanted the Sacred Knowledge suppressed as much as the Xionists did and that they have been working together the whole time, including the Vatican. With the cooperation of the secret government who also wants to enslave the human race and keep the Sacred Knowledge for themselves as well. This seems to me, to be the true enemy, giving power to the thought form of the Xionists so-called god. The Grey’s would have had to convince the Vatican, the secret government, and the Xian pigs that they would reign with the Grey’s and their Reptilian masters in the New World Order which is clearly the plan of the enemy. Now as for the Grey’s referring man as “containers”. What man contains is the Sacred Serpent of the Kundalini, and something they can never have: a Soul!  The genetic manipulation by the Grey’s is an attempt to incorporate Enki’s DNA with their own so that they would have the Power. First, suppress the Sacred Knowledge, incorporate the assistance of power mad fools with the false promise of being the “elite” who will control the world, steal the Gift of Enki and create a genetically enhanced sub-race of Grey’s with the ability to utilize the Serpent Power that was a Gift to humanity by our Lord. The Grey’s lie and do things against humans in a most violent manner to get what they need to achieve their goal. They tell humans that they are here to help, the Reptilian’s say that the Grey’s serve them, which says that they are the enemy of our Master and the God’s as well. Our power and potential is increasing greatly due to the 2012 reality that I spoke of before, as will soon be the ability for our Master and the God’s to return as time/space and space/time continue to merge and the Solar System continues to align with the Galactic Center. The Mayan knew of this Great Year, and they knew that it only happens only once every 24,000 years, so the enemy has a feeling of urgency, that is why the attacks are happening. They do not want Enki’s children to raise the Serpent within themselves, because the Power is pure and in its True Spiritual State as Enki intended. There is this fact: we are the greatest threat to their agenda because we are one with the Father, the One who gave this Gift, and the One whose very life is given Honor in every cell of our bodies. One more thing; the recent discovery of what is termed “junk DNA” by scientists, the 95% of the genetic code that is inactive is the very Power of the Master that sleeps within: The Coiled Serpent. As the Power of each of the truly dedicated grows, the Power of Creation itself can be accessed. This is truly a great time in Earths history. Those who want to enslave the human race and steal the Gift of Enki are breeding fear in mass quantity now so that the masses will be more and more willing to look to them for protection. That which is given life by the greatest liars to ever exist can be destroyed, as well as those who have created it and give it strength. It will be done by the manifestation of the Truth, the Truth that we live by, the Truth that we grow by, the Truth of Satan and the Demons who will rage against those who have corrupted and hidden the Truth. I feel a great war is coming, where the True Father of the Darkness that holds all Light, along with the God’s and those who live in the Darkness, that feeds the Light within as it rises as the Great Serpent, the Great and Ancient Serpent of Immortality, will wrap itself around the Great Lie and squeeze the life out of it and take the Power that was stolen back into Itself.

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