Lilith, Dark Goddess

This is the ORIGINAL TRINITY. Light (Ra), and Darkness (Thoth) UNITED by their Father...Enki in Sumerian, Ptah in Egyptian... "The God Of Creation and Resurrection". Here Light and Darkness are not at odds, but are equal parts of Creation. Only later was a plan created to separate and vilify Darkness, as if they ever could. No matter how many times they tell the lie, it will never be any more true. It is only an illusion, created to instill fear.

      For thousands of years and at the expense of every human being that has been baptized in the Doctrine of Deception, the few have hidden the Truth of the Divine from mankind as it truly is. Everything that is now being taught by the 3 main religions of the world have been taken from facts told thousands of years before them. Everything that mankind has the Divine potential to become was removed in order to keep them weak.

The Sacred Teachings of the True Creator of Mankind...Enki, have been labeled as a pathway to eternal torture in order to terrorize those who would dare to seek the Truth as it was originally taught. The ancient texts, the incredible knowledge of astronomy that man is just now re-discovering with highly advanced technology is endless in depth and accuracy. The original Seven Tablets of Creation, written by the ancient Sumerians tell a story of a Master of Science and Genetic Engineering, named Enki, who gave of Himself, His awesome wisdom and knowledge to the creation that He fell in love with: mankind. The text which is far older than anything else ever written, tells a far different story than what is being taught today. They tell of an understanding of the spirit that is meant to prosper and grow in power and wisdom, not one that is born to be a slave to a savage master who demands total servitude and teaches that by man's very birth, he is damned. 

In the following pages of this site, in which I have dedicated a massive amount of time, you will learn of a Truth that is far greater than any book ever written or any movie ever made. It is THE TRUTH, and it belongs to YOU and every man, woman and child that lives. You will see how those who have lied to humanity for millennia, have used tactics of indoctrination, humiliation, and fear to keep the Truth from being revealed. A new age is coming. It is not an age of destruction, but an age of destiny, where humanity will break free from the bondage of deception and take their rightful place among the God's, an age where mankind discovers that they have power and ability beyond imagination. What you will learn, will be shown and proven to be true, and you will not be expected to simply accept it because of fear or "blind faith". Blind faith is simply that...blind. If something is true, you should not have to close your eyes. The less you know, the easier it is to control you.

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